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Unknown Caller - inevitable destruction of the universe mixtape 2k18


Catalog #BL31

Hand numbered limited run of 30 transparent green cassettes!

"suburban teenagers drunk on Fireball in gas station parking lots, doing donuts in 2003 Dodge Neons and waiting for their weed to be dropped off, while planning bank heists

an interdimensional presence made entirely of disposed pregnancy tests, the crusty cheese that forms in the ears of people with huge gauges, and the pubes of 48 year old head cashiers who work at arts and crafts supply stores

bags of ballots and dead dogs in abandoned animal control centers in the woods

a 67" plasma screen HDTV that plays Judge Judy reruns on a loop for 130 centuries in a death row waiting room and the closed captioning keeps repeating the nuclear launch codes

a nation of cops, rats, slugs, and managers

millions of young adults with bachelor's degrees working retail, stealing wine, and smoking k2 in the parking lot at lunch, communing with elder gods in the sewers beneath the melting parking lot

blowing weed smoke in a cop's face while your family applauds your life choices with a standing ovation

a music festival that opens a rip in the fabric of reality and brings 1000 years of pain, raining down like oil spills from heaven

"I loved it so much I had to turn it down."- Unknown Caller's wife upon listening to this album. "