Hazelboy - 444


14 min
pop, punk, hyperpop

"hazelboy is essentially what it would be like if balloon boy grew up and had a soundcloud. the garden avenue + morphmagic recording artist has been crafting music, directing music videos, and designing visual art under the name since 2016. 444 is his first official ep release under this project. the satellites are aligned, this is no hoax. these songs were written in and are about the 1 stretch of road connecting chicago il 2 dayton oh, featuring 3 songs all with the number 4 in the title. It is both a love letter2 the place that birthed the breeders, gbv, brainiac, alien workshop, zapp, bootsy & jasiah, and 2chasing higher beings through the power of rock. it's a reflection on the things kept with and the things left behind. these songs feel like the tightest most emotional caring hug you've had. it's meant to give the feeling of driving over 100 miles an hour on the open road, flooring it, feeling alive as you've ever been. this is pure euphoria. this is real music. this is 4 you."

Hand-numbered limited run of 44; transparent orange cassette.
Includes digital download code.