jackson from online - orion + remixes


orion + remixes
jackson from online
89 min
drum & bass, shoegaze, jungle

'my friends are in the living room making a joyous noise
i'm on the back porch tip toeing over the weathered deck
avoiding slivers and stubbed toes as we leap into it
carry me up with a beam of light'

music by:

- bansheebeat (bansheebeat.bandcamp.com)
- firedrill (firedrill.bandcamp.com)
- devin gabriel (devingabriel.bandcamp.com)
- netlag (twitter.com/netlag_)
- BAHR (sethboyer.bandcamp.com)
- SSA (ssamusic.bandcamp.com)

"orion" music by jackson from online
mastered by rob duffy (www.cyclopssound.com)
everything else by jackson from online
thanks for listening :)

Includes digital download code.

Hand-numbered limited run of 50; purple galaxy swirl cassette.