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dj fetal position - legacy


on a rainy fall day in 2016, my friend and i went to an estate sale we saw as we were diving around. when i got inside there was an entire bedroom lined floor to ceiling with hundreds of records and another room full of cds. i spent all of the money i had on me, walking out of there with a whole stack of cds from that house. i kept them all in my car for the longest time, making sure to give each one a full listen. many of these songs quickly became favorites of my friends and the soundtracks to road trips and adventures.

the tracks on these cds have had a huge hand in shaping the music i play and write, rekindling my love for long forgotten genres and songs. i fell back in love with trance and even got to meet darude! headbone connected became the theme song for 2018 with the detroit/chichago squad, culminating in blasting that beautiful song to hundreds of people at a festival.

this mix includes one song from each of the 30 cds from that estate.
each copy of this mix is being packaged with one of the original cds.
i hope that you find a new favorite song :)