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Dead Hawk // Ancestral Vision

$5.00 / On Sale

Dead Hawk // Ancestral Vision
20 min
Death Industrial, Drone

"A blistering collaboration between noisemonger Dead Hawk and death industrial misanthrope Ancestral Vision paints an unsettling picture of companionship, communication and deception from the desiccated maw of the midwest in autumn.

"Cody" is a step into a constantly shifting and textured world blending break neck sounds with field recordings. This track is Dead Hawk at it's harshest in an ever growing separation from the dredging ambient drone of former years. The most anxiety inducing dog walk of your life.

Ancestral Vision blurs the lines of death industrial and dark ambient in this new lamentation. "Light Language" is a ten-minute dirge of field recordings, oscillations, found audio, and sound design that drags the listener through fetid pools of regret and anxiety."

Hand-numbered limited run of 60; smoke grey cassette!